Suraj Pattar

Robotics AI Research Engineer / Ph.D. in AI and Robotics / Data Scientist / 3D Printing Enthusiast

About Me

I am a Staff Engineer at Honda R&D and a recent Ph.D. graduate under the supervision of Professor Hironobu Fujiyoshi. My research focused on the intersection of deep learning, computer vision, and cobotics for robots and humans working and cooking together in restaurants.
Prior to my PhD, I completed my masters in robotics through the European Masters in Advanced Robotics program (Erasmus Mundus program) at the University of Genoa and Ecole Centrale de Nantes.
Outside of work, I enjoy playing the ukulele, practicing yoga, traveling, and reading.

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My Work

At Connected Robotics

I began my work at Connected Robotics Inc. on the Dishwasher Robot Project. As the lead computer vision engineer, my responsibilities included ensuring accurate detection of dishes and their 3D positions with respect to the camera, as well as camera calibration and developing robust detection in difficult lighting conditions.

I also worked on the French Fries Robot project. The goal of the project was to create a robot system that can produce french fries and deliver them to a bagging station. My main role was to design the initial system and simulate the robot system in a virtual environment.

After that, I worked on the Delibot Project. The project aimed to develop a robot that can pick up sticky foods such as potato salad and place them in a bento box.

I’m currently working on the AI Inspection Software and the Inspection Robot projects. My main focus is on software development, computer vision, deep learning algorithm development, MLOps, and camera/device control.


Skill / Technology Experience
Python 6 years
C++ 3 years
Machine Learning / Deep Learning 5 years
Unreal Engine 3 years
ROS 4 years
PyTorch 3 years
Tensorflow 3 years



  • S. P. Pattar, T. Killus, T. Hirakawa, T. Yamashita, T. Sawanobori, H. Fujiyoshi. “Automatic Data Collection for Object Detection and Grasp-position Estimation with Mobile Robots and Invisible Markers”, Advanced Robotics, 1-16, 2022.

Abstract Download

  • S. P. Pattar, T. Hirakawa, T. Yamashita, T. Sawanobori, H. Fujiyoshi. “Single Suction Grasp Detection for Symmetric Objects Using Shallow Networks Trained with Synthetic Data.”, IEICE Transactions on Informations and Systems, Vol.E105-D, No.9, pp. 1600-1609, Sep. 2022.

Abstract Download


  • S. P. Pattar, E. Coronado, L. R. Ardila, G. Venture. “Intention and Engagement Recognition for Personalized Human-Robot Interaction, an integrated and Deep Learning approach.” 2019 IEEE 4th International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics (ICARM 2019). Finalist for Best Student Paper Award.

Abstract Download

  • W. S. Lo, C. Yamamoto, S. P. Pattar, K. Tsukamoto, S. Takahashi, T. Sawanobori, I. Mizuuchi. “Developing a Collaborative Robotic Dishwasher Cell System for Restaurants.” International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS 2021).



  • Finalist for Best Student Paper Award at ICARM 2019.
  • JASSO Scholarship for Masters Research.
  • Consortium Scholarship for European Master in Advanced Robotics.
  • Erasmus European Exchange Program Scholarship.
  • 4th rank in Visvesvaraya Technological University for the Department of Mechatronics.

Continuous Learning

I’m all about self-improvement and personal growth. So much so that I’m practically a self-help book in human form. If there’s a new challenge, I’m on it – not because I want to, but because my ego insists. Online courses? I’ve taken a ton. Mostly to give me something to humblebrag about at parties.

Open Source Contributions

Here are some open-source repositories where I’ve made reasonable contributions:

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