Suraj Pattar

Robotics AI Research Engineer / Ph.D. in AI and Robotics / Data Scientist / 3D Printing Enthusiast

Rota Inspection and Efficiency Optimization at Bosch Ltd.

Keywords: Data Analysis, Six-Sigma, Process Improvement

Project Description

This was my final year project of my Bachelors in Mechatronics. It was a part of internship at Bosch Ltd. Bangalore. This was a Six-Sigma project where our goal was to maximize efficiency in one of inspection process for a small mechanical part manufactured at Bosch using Six Sigma Principles.

We followed the DMAIC approach. We collected data of measurements of these parts over 2 months. Then we performed data analysis on these parts and compared them to the inspection test results where the parts were passed or rejected. After our evaluation we found the inspection process to be unnecessary, indicating 2 hours of saved time per operator involved in the inspection process.

More details coming soon.