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Automatic Anki Card Creator

Keywords: Anki, Language Learning, Web Scraping

Project Description

Github Project

This was a personal project I started to create Anki cards easily. If you’d like to know more about Anki, check it out here. Anki is a great tool for learning languages, memorizing medical and law terms, etc..

Creating Anki cards can be a toughy. If you’re using the desktop app, you need to be familiar with its UI to create cards quickly. So I made this small script which only needs a .txt file with a list of words in your target learning language and if you’ve already learnt some words you can provide that too or an empty file.

And with a simple one-liner the script will create a csv file with your target language words (eg: Spanish words), their English translation and a related picture.

python inputFile.txt knownWords.txt

Now you can simply import this csv file with your Anki app and place the images in the appropriate directory as shown on the project README.

Here’s an example card: