Suraj Pattar

Robotics AI Research Engineer / Ph.D. in AI and Robotics / Data Scientist / 3D Printing Enthusiast

Future Robot Restaurant Demo with UE4

Keywords: Future Robot Restaurant, Robotic Kitchen


Windows Executable

I made this concept video from scratch using free UE4 assets and some of my own models to show what a robot restaurant might look like in the future.

There have already been a few robot restaurants deployments which use robots either for cooking, serving or delivery.

This concept video combines those ideas. And it showcases several products developed at my current company Connected Robotics including Dishwasher robot, Soba robot and Takoyaki robot.

If you have a Windows machine, you can play with the environment using the above link. Pan using the mouse and move through the environment using W, S, A, D keys.

Note: The download size is 5GB.